The Shane Group, Inc. v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Case No. 2:10-cv-14360

Submit a Consumer Claim - Instructions

If you are an individual who paid a general acute care hospital in Michigan for healthcare services at any time between January 1, 2006 and June 23, 2014, you are a member of the Settlement Class in a lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (“BCBSM”) and are entitled to submit a claim to share in the Settlement money. You do not need to be a BCBSM customer to be eligible. A list of the relevant hospitals is available here.

If you wish to submit a claim, you must complete a Claim Form on or before November 3, 2018. Your claim will be reviewed to determine whether or not you are entitled to payment and the amount of any payment. More information, including details on how payments are determined, is available on the Documents page of this website or by writing, emailing, or calling the Claims Administrator. Inquiries regarding your claim can be made by contacting the Claims Administrator by emailing, or calling (877) 846-0588.

You may not share in the Settlement Fund if you exclude yourself from the Settlement. BCBSM, related corporate entities, and BCBSM’s officers, directors, employees, agents, and attorneys are not eligible to share in the Settlement money and are excluded from the Settlement Class.

How to File Online:

Before Claim Filing: If you would like to be paid for each individual eligible hospital healthcare payments rather than the default amount, then you must provide documentation. The documentation you provide must be clear readable copies and you will be able to upload them to this website as part of your online claim. Please have these ready before you start your Claim Form, as you will not able to save your progress and come back at a later time.

During Claim Filing: As part of your form you will be asked to provide your Contact information (and representative information if applicable). Then you will be asked to provide information about each individual eligible hospital healthcare payments you made transactionally. You may also just upload a spreadsheet or other file containing the information required in the hospital visit section. Lastly, you will be able to upload any documentation you have.

After Claim Filing: After you finish your claim, your claim will be reviewed and processed by the Claims Administrator. You may be asked for more information at a later time to validate your claim. For example, you may be asked for hospital invoices, payment checks, and/or credit card statements. You should save any proof of your hospital purchases that you may have. Your claim may be rejected if any requested information is not provided.

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How to File by Mail

To file by mail, first download a copy of the Claim Form here. Next, fill it out as completely as you can, attach any copies of documentation to prove your claim, and sign and date your claim. Then, mail your Claim Form and documentation to:

Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3240
Portland, OR 97208-3240

Remember all Claim Forms must be submitted online or postmarked no later than November 3, 2018.

Please Note: If you have already filed a Claim in this Settlement, you do not need to file again. Your original Claim Form is still considered valid and timely.